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Bank Connections

One view of finances

Link your existing bank accounts for easy payments. Get one clear view of your balances and cash flow.

Mockup of a laptop screen with a payment overview
Moving image of a dashboard with graphs
One banking platform

Stay on top of your finances

Don't want to waste time switching between banking platforms and calculating overall cash flow? Nobody likes that, so we have a solution for you.

Integrate your existing bank accounts and manage your company's cash without the hassle. Pay bills with integrated accounts, view transactions in real time and have visibility into your company's overall cash flow.

Just one clear, financial overview. Everything is simpler with Banqup.

One seamless integration

Integrate your banks with Banqup

One simple preview

All transactions, balances and cash flow in one place. Access via the Banqup platform or wherever you are via the Banqup app.

More informed business decisions

Want to make an informed business decision, but don't have time to switch between multiple platforms? With Banqup, that's not a problem. Make stronger financial decisions by viewing all your cash and transactions in one place.

Easier payments

Pay invoices and bills with Banqup instantly. Either with integrated bank accounts or from Banqup Business Wallet.

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Why Banqup

How can I benefit?

More free time

No more wasting time switching between multiple platforms.

Real-time cash flow

Put away the calculators and spreadsheets. Banqup provides a view of your cash flow, instantly and in real time.


Sleep soundly knowing that you have secure bank connections and payments.

Start using Banqup

Tracking transactions, balances and cash flow is easy with Banqup. Learn how to get started today.

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