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Free software for KSeF

January 18, 2024
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What free tools can be used to introduce KSeF? The Ministry of Finance has prepared its proposals.

The National e-Invoicing System (KSeF), however, will not be mandatory for all active VAT taxpayers as of July 1, 2024. This does not mean that the possibility of testing the issuance and receipt of structured invoices has been suspended. Such a possibility is there as much as possible, and it is worth preparing the company now for the - inevitable, even if delayed - tax obligation.

Although many companies leave "accounting matters" to their accounting offices or accounting consultants, it should be remembered that it is the company (enterprise) itself that must authenticate itself in the system - not the accounting office serving it. It is only in the next step that the company's representative can give the accounting office the authority to handle its business in accordance with KSeF. 

Learn the details of the procedures involved in introducing KSeF in your company!

To facilitate seamless "acclimatization" to the new environment, the Ministry of Finance has made available two free tools for the National e-Invoicing System for Polish businesses. As the Ministry declares, both tools are easy to use and do not require special software. So what are the differences?

KSeF Taxpayer Application

The KSeF Taxpayer Application is, as the name implies, a web-based application that allows you to issue and receive e-invoices. It works in a web browser (similar to, for example, ePUAP). To get started, all you need to do is enter your company's TIN. The application can be used by all companies.

The application is currently available in three environments: test, pre-production and production. The test version allows you to test the application and familiarize yourself with its functionalities. The pre-production version allows users to log in with their real data and send invoices to business partners. The production version allows you to issue and receive e-invoices.


E-microcompany enables the use of KSeF for sole proprietors (JDG). It allows you to link your existing e-invoice account with KSeF. The application allows you to both issue and receive e-invoices from KSeF. The tool allows you to directly transfer such invoices to your VAT records, without having to manually rewrite the data.

Details on both proposals from the Ministry of Finance and links to register can be found at: https://www.podatki.gov.pl/ksef/aplikacja-podatnika-ksef-i-inne-narzedzia/ 

Commercial applications

So much for the free tools prepared by the public administration.

Naturally, there are numerous commercial tools offered by companies, which may have more powerful features, but at the same time come at a cost (which ones? See here). Most of the applications whose solutions are already being used by companies or accounting offices do their best to integrate with KSeF.

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