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  A tailor-made solution for your business!

Banqup has a tailor-made solution for every company (big or small). Regardless of the number of invoices you send. We have something for everyone.

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If your company is part of an industry where digitization and robotization can help optimize processes and analyze financial data, you can become a valuable partner of Unifiedpost.

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Read the most frequently asked questions

What is Banqup?

Banqup is a digital accounting tool that connects you to your customers' financial documents and data. Banqup provides real-time access to customer payments and invoices, so you can process them at a time that suits you.

Banqup is independent of accounting software and can seamlessly connect to existing ERP or accounting systems.

How will my company benefit from Banqup?

Benefit from smarter, smoother processes.

No more entering data manually, no more chasing receipts - say hello to real-time data viewing and instant access to documents. Show your clients that your time is better spent as their strategic advisor. Leave the manual administrative tasks to Banqup.

How does Banqup work?
  1. Your customers upload their invoices, receipts and financial documents and make all payments on your Banqup platform.
  2. Banqup's OCR technology and data validation means that neither you nor your customers need to enter any invoice or receipt data manually.
  3. After uploading documents, clients select the documents you have access to. Clients can set the default to share all documents, or manually select the files they want to share with you.
  4. Your company will then be able to display all your customers' documents and payments.
  5. Process documents and payments at your convenience and upload directly to your existing ERP or accounting software.

Can I manage access for my company?

Yes, you can decide which members of your company can see which customers. Define user roles and set rules as you see fit.

What is OCR technology?

OCR stands for optical character recognition.

OCR is a technique used for electronic data extraction. Invoices and documents are scanned by Banqup, and data is extracted from them.

Banqup always uses automatic OCR, which is a standard part of all subscriptions. Banqup also offers the ability to validate OCR-scanned data for the customer - for this your customers need a Banqup Premium subscription.

How much does Banqup cost?

For you as an accountant, Banqup is free. Take a look at the pricing and subscription models available to your clients.

How do I contact Banqup support?

Both your company and your customers can contact Banqup's customer support team. You can email, call or fill out the contact form on our support page. Please visit our support page for more details.