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How to start using KSeF?

KSeF - how to access the system?

Before using KSeF, it will be necessary to create an account and authenticate the user. Taxpayers registered with the National e-Invoice System will be given an individual number, allowing them to issue, receive and view invoices. The way in which authorizations are assigned will depend on the nature of the entity setting up the account.

Οnly individuals

As a rule, they do not have to report anything to the Tax Office, as authorizations are automatically assigned to them. A trusted signature or qualified electronic signature is sufficient for authorization. If the user does not have them, then he or she can file a notice of granting or revoking authorization to use the National e-Invoice System on the ZAW-FA form.

Companies (taxpayers that are not individuals)

can be authenticated using a qualified stamp with a Taxpayer Identification Number. If it is necessary to designate an individual authorized to use the KSeF on behalf of the taxpayer, a notice will need to be filed on the aforementioned ZAW-FA form.

How to access a structured invoice?

In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Finance dated December 27, 2021 on the use of the National e-Invoice System, it will be possible to access a structured invoice in KSeF by providing:

invoice identification number in the system,

the invoice number assigned within one or more series, which uniquely identifies the invoice,

TIN number or other purchaser identifier, or information about the absence of such an identifier,

the name of the purchaser, or information about the absence of such data,

the total amount owed.

How do I grant invoicing privileges in KSeF?

An entity authorized to issue accounting documents can do so without having to create its own account in KSeF. By virtue of the authority obtained, it also has the ability to indirectly transfer authorizations to third parties.

Authorization to issue invoices on behalf of the taxpayer can be granted in three ways:

Using commercial programs that enable KSeF, e.g. Banqup,

using software developed by the Ministry of Finance,

via ZAW-FA notice.

Can an invoice sent to KSeF be rejected?

The system will reject any invoice that does not meet the standard of conforming to the logical template of a structured invoice, or in which all fields required by the regulations - such as the invoice date in the P_1 field or the VAT number in the Entity1/Identification Data field - have not been filled in. Invoices will also be rejected by KSeF if they are sent to the system by an entity that does not have the required authorizations.