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Are accountants ready for KSeF?

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What will you learn from the report?

In 2024, the use of the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) will be made mandatory in Poland. Are accountants and entrepreneurs prepared for the revolution?

The answer is brought by KSeF report compiled by Unifiedpost Group . Facts. Concerns. Doubts.

How many accountants fear losing their jobs due to digitization

Do they feel obliged to constantly expand their knowledge

What is their current knowledge / ignorance about KSeF

How do they rate the quality of regulations created by the Ministry of Finance

What are their biggest concerns about the introduction of KSeF

What they are pinning their hopes on

We cordially invite you to read the full version of the report!
*The survey was carried out via an online survey and had 104 respondents. The survey was distributed on Banqup's own brand channels and on groups for accountants on social media.
Download our report
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